Respiratory Organs Move Air and Exchange Gases
T h e R esp irato ry O rg an s A re F u n ctio n ally D ivided
into U p p e r and L o w er R esp irato ry Tracts
T h e R esp irato ry S ystem P erform s Tw o Im p o rta n t
Processes: B reath ing and R espiration
Breathing Involves Changes in Pressures and
M u scles C o n tract and R elax to M o v e A ir into and out
o f th e Lungs D u rin g V en tilatio n
R esp irato ry H ealth Is S o m e tim e s Tested U sing a
S p iro m e te r
S pecial Term s A re U sed to D escribe B reath ing
■ W h a t a H ealth P ro vid er Sees: R esp irato ry Distress
S y n d ro m e (R D S)
Gases Are Exchanged at the Blood Capillaries
Diffusion M oves Gases Across the Capillary M em bran es
O xyg en Is T ran sp o rted T h ro u g h th e Blood A ttached
to H e m o g lo b in
M o s t C arb on D io xide M u s t Be C o n verted to
B icarb o n ate to Be M o ved to th e Lungs
The Brain Controls Breathing
S tru ctu res o f th e B rainstem R egulate B reath ing
T h e B reath ing C ontrol C enters A re Influ en ced by
M a n y Factors
Good Respiratory Health Is Essential
R esp irato ry A ctio n s C h an g e w ith Physical A c tiv ity
D iseases and B ehavio ral A c tiv itie s Can A lso A ffect
th e B reath ing Process
S m o kin g Can D a m a g e Lung Tissue
□ Study the picture and read the opening story.
□ Scan the Learning Objectives in each section:
p. 372 □
p. 376 □
p. 382 □
p. 386 □
p. 390 □
Read the text and study all visuals.
Answer any questions.
Analyze key features
InSight, pp. 372-373 □
Process Diagram, p6. 376-377 □
□ What a Health Provider Sees, p. 381 □
□ Stop: Answer the Concept Checks before you go on:
p. 375 □
p. 380 □
p. 386 □
p. 388 □
p. 392 □
End of chapter
Review the Summary and Key Terms.
□ Answer the Critical and Creative Thinking Questions.
□ Answer What is happening in this picture?
□ Complete the Self-Test and check your answers.
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