Independent Research Studies
SEG Research, an independent research and assessment firm, conducted a national, multisite
effectiveness study of students enrolled in entry-level college Psychology and Geology
courses. The study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Wiley Visualizing. You can
view the full research paper at
Instructor and Student Contributions
Throughout the process of developing the concept of guided visual pedagogy for Wiley Visualizing, we
benefited from the comments and constructive criticism provided by the instructors and colleagues listed
below. We offer our sincere appreciation to these individuals for their helpful reviews and general feedback:
Visualizing Reviewers, Focus Group Participants, and Survey Respondents
James Abbott, Temple University
Melissa Acevedo, Westchester Community College
Shiva Achet, Roosevelt University
Denise Addorisio, Westchester Community College
Dave Alan, University of Phoenix
Sue Allen-Long, Indiana University-Purdue
Robert Amey, Bridgewater State College
Nancy Bain, Ohio University
Corinne Balducci, Westchester Community College
Steve Barnhart, Middlesex County Community College
Stefan Becker, University of Washington-Oshkosh
Callan Bentley, NVCC Annandale
Valerie Bergeron, Delaware Technical & Community College
Andrew Berns, Milwaukee Area Technical College
Gregory Bishop, Orange Coast College
Rebecca Boger, Brooklyn College
Scott Brame, Clemson University
Joan Brandt, Central Piedmont Community College
Richard Brinn, Florida International University
Jim Bruno, University of Phoenix
William Chamberlin, Fullerton College
Oiyin Pauline Chow, Harrisburg Area Community College
Laurie Corey, Westchester Community College
Ozeas Costas, Ohio State University at Mansfield
Christopher Di Leonardo, Foothill College
Dani Ducharme, Waubonsee Community College
Mark Eastman, Diablo Valley College
Ben Elman, Baruch College
Staussa Ervin, Tarrant County College
Michael Farabee, Estrella Mountain Community College
Laurie Flaherty, Eastern Washington University
Susan Fuhr, Maryville College
Peter Galvin, Indiana University at Southeast
Andrew Getzfeld, New Jersey City University
Janet Gingold, Prince George's Community College
Donald Glassman, Des Moines Area Community College
Richard Goode, Porterville College
Peggy Green, Broward Community College
Stelian Grigoras, Northwood University
Paul Grogger, University of Colorado
xvi Preface
Michael Hackett, Westchester Community College
Duane Hampton, Western Michigan University
Thomas Hancock, Eastern Washington University
Gregory Harris, Polk State College
John Haworth, Chattanooga State Technical Community College
James Hayes-Bohanan, Bridgewater State College
Peter Ingmire, San Francisco State University
Mark Jackson, Central Connecticut State University
Heather Jennings, Mercer County Community College
Eric Jerde, Morehead State University
Jennifer Johnson, Ferris State University
Richard Kandus, Mt. San Jacinto College District
Christopher Kent, Spokane Community College
Gerald Ketterling, North Dakota State University
Lynnel Kiely, Harold Washington College
Eryn Klosko, Westchester Community College
Cary T. Komoto, University of Wisconsin-Barron County
John Kupfer, University of South Carolina
Nicole Lafleur, University of Phoenix
Arthur Lee, Roane State Community College
Mary Lynam, Margrove College
Heidi Marcum, Baylor University
Beth Marshall, Washington State University
Dr. Theresa Martin, Eastern Washington University
Charles Mason, Morehead State University
Susan Massey, Art Institute of Philadelphia
Linda McCollum, Eastern Washington University
Mary L. Meiners, San Diego Miramar College
Shawn Mikulay, Elgin Community College
Cassandra Moe, Century Community College
Lynn Hanson Mooney, Art Institute of Charlotte
Kristy Moreno, University of Phoenix
Jacob Napieralski, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Gisele Nasar, Brevard Community College, Cocoa Campus
Daria Nikitina, West Chester University
Robin O'Quinn, Eastern Washington University
Richard Orndorff, Eastern Washington University
Sharen Orndorff, Eastern Washington University
Clair Ossian, Tarrant County College
Debra Parish, North Harris Montgomery Community College District
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