The Structure of Bone Controls Function and Growth
T h e S keleto n Is M o re T h an Ju st a S u p p o rtive
F ram ew o rk fo r th e B ody
A Bone's S tru ctu re D e te rm in e s Its Function
Bone Is F orm ed D uring O ssification and
M a in ta in e d by R em o d elin g
Bones R epair A fter Fracture by a Four-stage Process
The Axial Skeleton Is Composed of 80 Bones
T h e Head Is Form ed by th e Skull and H yoid Bones
T h e Skull Has M a n y U n iq u e Features
T h e V erteb ral C o lu m n C o n tains 26 V erteb rae
Bones of the Upper Body Form the Thorax and Arms
The Ribs and S ternu m Form th e F ram ew ork fo r the
Tho rax
The Scapula and Clavicle Form the Pectoral G irdle
Each A rm C o n tains 22 Bones
Bones of the Lower Body Form the Pelvic Girdle and Legs
Coxal Bones and S acru m Form W alls o f th e Pelvis
The Design o f the Low er Lim b Is S im ilar to T h a t o f the
U p p er Lim b
Foot S tru ctu re H elps D isperse B ody W e ig h t and
A b so rb Shock
Articulations Form Where Bones Join Together
A rtic u latio n s are C lassified by S tru ctu re o r Function
S yn o vial Jo in ts H ave C o m p le x S tru ctu res
Freely M o vab le Joints A re Capable o f Various M otions
S yn o vial Jo in ts A re C lassified by Type o f M o v e m e n t
■ W h a t a H ealth P ro vid er Sees: K nee Injuries
Skeletal Structure Changes with Aging
Bone M ass D ecreases As You G et O ld er
A rth ritis D evelo p s in Jo in ts D ue to W e a r and Tear
□ Study the picture and read the opening story.
□ Scan the Learning Objectives in each section:
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p. 130 □
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Read the text and study all visuals. Answer any questions.
Analyze key features
Process Diagram, p. 118 □
p. 121 □
InSight, pp. 124-125 □
pp. 128-129 □
pp. 130-131 □
pp. 134-135 □
p. 137 □
□ What a Health Provider Sees, p. 143 □
□ Stop: Answer the Concept Checks before you go on:
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End of chapter
Review the Summary and Key Terms.
□ Answer the Critical and Creative Thinking Questions.
□ Answer What is happening in this picture?
□ Complete the Self-Test and check your answers.
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